3 things to remember when approaching any situation especially something as major as a career change.

You CAN, you WILL, you’ll ACHIEVE!

This our motto and something everybody at RRC truly believes in whole heartedly.

This mantra has come about from meeting hundreds of individuals who come from various backgrounds and with different stories. We have found that everybody can be assisted by utilising these 3 principles.

You CAN do anything you dream of, that thing you are thinking about right now, that thing you are doubting, you CAN do it. The first step is to change your mindset and truly embrace this, you can do anything with the right advice and hard work.

Let’s put this into practice on a large scale, you want to be a doctor but you never finished high school. You CAN do it with some challenging work and this is how

1. Attend an adult college and complete your high equivalent. 12 months and you have now finished year 12 equivalent.

2. Study Biology, Chemistry and Physics at university. Apply for a scholarship if available. Utilise a tutor if needed. Work hard and complete your degree with a GPA of atleast 6.0. Volunteer in your community whenever time permits.

3. Study for the GAMSAT. Keep volunteering.

4. Apply for post graduate medicine at a university and sit the GAMSAT.

5. Nail the GAMSAT and nail your selection interview.

6. Complete your medical degree.

7. Congratulations, you are now a doctor when 8 years ago you had not finished high school.

This may sound like a pipedream and a tall example however I met a man recently who did this exact process in his 40’s, he simply said I CAN, and he did.

You WILL start now, you WILL no longer be held back, you WILL seek the right advice and follow it through, you WILL work hard. You WILL be amazing!

When you believe you CAN and know you WILL, then you’ll ACHIEVE.

You CAN, you WILL, you’ll ACHIEVE.

Nobody else in this world has your story, no one has your experience, you truly are unique.
You have amazing strengths and skills, share them!


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