1 thing to remember when nervous before an interview…

Pre-interview nerves and jitters get us all!

A recent study found that up to 93% of people feel anxiety before an interview and up to 23% of people list job interviews as the event that makes them most nervous. If you are in this cohort then thankfully you are not alone!

There are copious tips out there about how to prepare / handle interviews and the associated pre-jitters (which we also cover elsewhere) however there seems to be one tidbit regularly missed!

Only 2.4% of resumes on average get selected for interview, that’s over 97% of candidates rejected, if you have gotten this far, WELL DONE!

However this perhaps doesn’t fully help the nerves does it?

Let’s add another drop of medicine to this!

The interviewers / company are genuinely interested in you! (obvious I hear you say?)
By this stage you have ebbed out hundreds, or potentially thousands, of applicants and at this stage they are thinking hey, we like what we see enough to want to meet this person!

Also remember by this point a company is spending money on you!
Well, when you factor in the time cost of the interviewers, the cost of the meeting location and potentially the cost of documents and refreshment you start to realise how costly a venture this can be, and if there’s multiple interview stages, as is now so common, then that cost escalates.

What this all points to is if you are going for an interview, then they are very interested, which means you are 3/4 of the way there.

This concept may not help quell everyone’s nerves but hopefully it adds an extra thought tool that will help you to achieve your dreams!

Ask us today about our interview coaching and tailored offerings to assist you to nail your next interview!

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